Smart Deployment Methodology for Teamcenter® 

In global deployments with a user base located in multiple sites with different time zones, it is always challenging to bring down the production system for more than 12 hours, even during the weekend. Teamcenter upgrades and deployments during the production release have become a daunting job for the IT teams to finish on-time without having any impact on the business.

Traditional deployment approaches require huge amount of efforts to perform deployments. Manual processes used could be error prone, thus affecting the quality of deployments. In spite of the huge efforts, issues could get introduced that block the key functionalities or even result into a complete roll back of the deployment , delaying the PLM implementation value.

The automation led Smart Deployment Methodology discussed in the white paper, not only reduces the deployment time to within desired limits, but also provide the edge for improving the quality of deployment. As a part of this strategy, 80% of the deployment work is executed before the actual deployment and the remaining 20% is done during the actual deployment phase.

Successfully employed in large customer environments, this methodology not only helped  drastically reduce the upgrade and deployment time , but also eliminated the possibility of manual errors through automation  - Ensuring Right PLM Value at the Right Time