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Generative Knowledge-based Bills of Material for Engineered-To-Order Industry

In the Engineered-To-Order (ETO) industry, manufacturing companies have to make their customers feel as though the company is a personal engineering design center exclusive to that customer.At the same time they struggle with the challenge of achieving a high degree of re-use across customers to reduce the design costs and improve the margin.

There are many solutions that help the ETO industry. However, there are limitations in the practice of storing the knowledge with past orders, intelligently mapping that knowledge to new customer order features, and re-using modules from historic orders as much as possible by exploring the order knowledge.

The white paper examines the ETO challenges, solutions available in the market and their limitations, and proposes a solution in terms of a data model and process, significantly reducing the product development cost through high degree of reuse (upto 60%) and compression of the order to quote time (upto 50%).