Design BETTER Products in Less TIME and COST with New DFMPro 5.0 for PTC Creo Parametric

Early consideration of manufacturability (DFM/DFA) challenges during the design stage shortens the product development time, minimizes development cost, and ensures a smooth transition into production for quick time to market.

DFMPro provides a scalable knowledge environment which helps designers achieve excellence in design process and improve productivity by eliminating rework. This together with the powerful design functionalities of PTC CREO helps marry design and manufacturing side of product development. The benefits that can be achieved are manifold whose effects reverberate across the product lifecycle.

Why should I attend the webinar?

This webinar will focus on some exciting latest functionalities of DFMPro that aim to make life easier for designers and reviewers.

One of the items on wish list of every designer during design for manufacturing validation is predictive analysis. Can the designer be assisted right when he is creating a feature without the need to request help? Can the software work as an intelligent friend in the background without distracting the designer? Till now, this was a question without a tangible solution….however, the answer now lies within the latest DFMPro version. This webinar will introduce this latest path breaking feature of DFMPro which started as a concept and now has a name called as “Real Time DFMPro”.

At the same time, a revolution also calls for evolution of the existing best practices. Keeping this in mind, DFMPro’ s latest version now gives additional powers to the designers who are interested in traditional processes such as Die Casting, SheetMetal and Injection Molding. Packaging new rules along with enhancements to some of the existing ones are sure to give more power to designers for DFM validation. We are excited to be sharing the new additions to the software with the entire PTC CREO design community on the latest CREO 4.0 platform.

So do join us for the webinar as we together move towards a digital ecosystem where design to manufacturing are all part of a one success story to create the best products on time at affordable costs.

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