Creating an Automation Framework to make “Record and Play Automation” practical for Test Use Cases 

For any application, one of the major tasks for its smooth usage is the performance of functional testing. Within functional testing as well, the determinant of quality of the test lies in the design of its test cases. However, the majority of effort is spent on execution of test cases. These efforts further multiply with the increase of configurations to be tested. In addition, the task is repetitive (testing required in cycles) and prone to human errors. Also, project(s) need to make a difficult choice on which platform to test during a cycle. Test automation offers a way to handle the above issues. Using automation also creates bandwidth for the resource to concentrate on improving the design of test cases. 

Several commercially available tools enable the recording of user actions on the application. This recording generates simple scripts (QA readable scripts). These scripts can later be replayed without human input. This is simple to use for quality assurance (QA) and requires no additional knowledge of scripting/programming.This whitepaper explores the use of 'record and play' for automating the execution of test use cases.